What our customers have said about us:

Thanks so much!!  All 3 rings I ordered seem to fit great and I’ve even mastered the puzzle!

I got it! I got it! I got it! Haha so excited!  Won't need the video- hopefully i'll be able to put it together again:)

Ed, I received my ring a few weeks ago, and I wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU!  It looks just like new.  You did SUCH a wonderful job!!  And I really appreciate how quickly you were able to get it done.

Thank you for restoring a very special piece for me.

I love it!  Almost as much as I love my wife of 40  years!  Thanks so much.

Awesome! thank you Ed!!

The Post Office has located my ring.  My daughter is picking it up today!  Thank you so much for your concern and care.  I am so pleased to have ordered this special ring from a company that generally cares.

Ed;  The incredible ring arrived yesterday.  What a work of art!  Thank you.  Not only is it mysteriously complex, but – and maybe it’s because I’ve seen so many run-of-the-mill puzzle rings – it’s also uniquely beautiful.  The juxtaposition of the capturing, polished “X” over the scaly snake enhances the band’s intrigue making the ring the most puzzling of puzzle rings. I would also like to say that I’m envious of your talent in creating such beauty, but more importantly, I am comforted in the knowledge that there still are people like you and your sister who keep such an exceptional art alive.  Thanks so much!!

All 3 rings I ordered seem to fit great and I’ve even mastered the puzzle!

Hi Ed, My husband loved his puzzle wedding ring and it was a perfect fit. Thank you.

I have been wearing a 10-band Jose grant gold ring for 18 years. I love it and get compliments on the beauty and unique look constantly.  I used to work in jewelry. I was a GIA certified gemologist and did some basic goldsmith bench work and jewelry sales. I was working in Montana and an Arab businessman happened into the store and was asking in broken English for help putting his Turkish wedding ring back together. The jumbled mess of oddly shaped gold rings in his hand held no clue as to what the finished ring should look like and I was no help to him. I couldn't let it go and was obsessed with figuring out what the heck that ring was supposed to look like. This was 1993 - before the internet.  I moved to Colorado and worked for an old school Jeweler named John Ballas. He knew what they were and showed me some pictures from some old book. He had the name "Grant" someone in his head and that you were in New Jersey. My Grandmother lived in Jersey and I had her track down a phone number for your store in (I think) Sommerset. I called and arranged to have a ring made to fit my enormous size 13 finger. My boss was upset that I wasn't buying a ring from his store. So, I had to arrange for the sale to go through another store - Armstrong Jewelers in Pueblo, CO. Anyhow, I got the ring in tome for my wedding and had my wife slip the ring complete with a string holding it together onto my finger on Jan 1, 1994. It has not passed my knuckle since that day.  I had surgery (on my back) and the doctor insisted on me taking my ring off. I refused and had them tape it on me. I had hot coffee spilled on my hand and suffered severe burns under my ring - still, never took it off. I worked in a factory with heavy equipment. They did not allow any rings to be worn. I asked for special consideration and agreed to wear gloves every day all day - still, never took it off.  Through many years and many trials this ring has been a symbol of commitment, fidelity, and beauty - a fitting symbol of marriage. Well, 18 years later, we're still going strong. The ring is still wonderful. I proudly wear it and clean it with my soft toothbrush regularly. It generates many comments and conversations. I always mention Jose Grant.  Thank you for this great ring and for helping me get it (for $300 - wow, that was cheap) many years ago. I was playing on the internet and stumbled across your website and thought I'd drop a note to tell you how much I appreciate your quality work and excellent craftsmanship. 

Ring came in today's mail. It's gorgeous, I love it. Thank you very much.

Thanks again Ed!  I really appreciate what you and your business does!


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